We are committed to provide our clients services beyond their expectations and help them, insofar as possible, make their projects come true.

We are available, efficient, trustworthy and we help our clients manage their costs.

We are well aware that as you choose to trust us, you put your dreams and future in our hands. Therefore, we do our utmost to offer the best service possible.

We are available and attentive. Our area of expertise lies in any kind of case related to immigration law, mobility of people, people settling in Belgium and seeking Belgian citizenship.

Our legal expertise goes further: we guide you toward other branches of law, especially thanks to our network of highly qualified specialists with whom we are used to working in Belgium and all around the world.

We always examine your project altogether and we help you build a case to stack all the odds in your favor.

Then, we follow the case in every competent department as well as before the courts and tribunals, should no out-of-court settlement be reached.

We stay in touch with our clients and keep them regularly up to date about their case.

We encourage you to contact us and share the difficulties that you might encounter as part of your case or another one.

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